out of context..

” Listening Rowe thought, as he often did, that you couldn’t take such an odd world seriously, and yet all the time, in fact, he took it with a mortal seriousness.

The grand names stood permanently like statues in his mind: names like Justice and Retribution, though what they both boiled down to was simply Mr Rennit, hundreds and hundreds of Mr Rennits. But of course if you believed in God — and the Devil — the thing wasn’t quite so comic. Because the Devil — and God too — had always used comic people, futile people, little suburban natures and the maimed and warped to serve his purposes. When God used them you talked emptily of Nobility and when the devil used them of Wickedness, but the material was only dull shabby human mediocrity in either case.”

― “The Ministry of Fear”, Graham Greene

out of context..

“. . . Yet with all these myriad joys going for him, Hank had never in his life been more unhappy and less able to explain why.
Because in spite of all these things so enjoyable, there was something off kilter. He couldn’t say exactly what was off, but after days of denying it he was finally grudgingly admitting that he and the world just were not seeing eye to eye. And it griped him that this was so.”

– Ken Elton Kesey, “Sometimes a Great Notion”