a hostage..

Today on my way to my job I admired the greenery of trees and lawns. It seemed that this color has never been so beautiful and I’m fully sure the brightness of greenery in the sunlight can make everyone happy… In such moments the mechanism of thinking acts naturally and creates really important thoughts or questions..

Can fate, ironically, forget to make a note in front of someone’s name?!.. or.. Maybe life, as the rain, fall everywhere in different ways?!..

I live quietly and regularly.. I’m afraid of any change .. I’m afraid of mistakes of any severity .. as though I built the invisible fence around me.. but I’m not sure that I want to keep it as well as I’m not sure that I want to ruin it.. For me it’s important to know or at least to think that a human is originally good and all events have a sense! But these things don’t help me to make a decision..


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