in summer I trust..

29 of July 2011 I was 28 and lots of work at the beginning of the month prevents me from telling about that. Now I just want to be happy and this warm season is a receptacle of hopes and simple desires for me.

About desires. If I had to minimize the amount of desire to 3, then they would be such: 1. true love; 2. a huge library of my own; 3. a happy childhood for every child.

I’m trying to draw some conclusions in today’s gloomy day and I hope they will help me to make some promises to myself.

About findings. I love literature and I believe in the word; Che Guevara is a hero of mine, and I can be proud only of number of the books I read; in most cases I make the wrong choice and I think humanity is a very painful ulcer on the body of the most beautiful of all the planets; sometimes, I dream about love and I’m learning to sleep with the open window; I am disappointed with my intuition and I lead the struggle with my doubts, fears and anxious thoughts; everything is too difficult for me and the phrase “everything will be fine” isn’t for me ..

About promises. It’s harder, I guess I’ll never be able to accept myself as I actually am. Course remains the same, because the way of development and improvement has always been right for me.

P.S. let happen what has to happen.


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