I can’t write when I’m fine…

Summer comes to an end and the sky is grey more often. The mood changes at breakneck speed. It’s very tiresome. There is a good example: recently everything seemed possible for me but now it turned upside down and all hopes disappeared. But nothing has changed neither my environment nor my prospects. Maybe this is the reason?!

I admit to myself with a trembling chin: I have no idea what to do with my life! Anyway, at the moment my dreams are all I have, and my conclusions – are all I can offer to this world… For the action I’m in want of some very important detail, the absence of which I feel badly in a day like today.

P.S. I can’t walk with head held high and I don’t want look down at my feet all the time, I just want to look around, but it’s hard to do this being in a mood which is completely devoid of inspiration.


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