nothing outstanding..

More than a week has passed since I came back from my vacation. It is a very small segment of life, especially in comparison with the time that I spent within 4 walls of the working space consisted of such components: the Black Sea and the mountains of the Crimea, the series Shameless, my father’s grapes, care of kittens, long sleep, reading books (in this period: Strain and Living) and the fresh air, help to relatives and frequent calls to grandparents. Nothing outstanding. It was quiet and peaceful time. But, I can’t say that I feel thirsty for fun.

And now I want to tell a very recent observation. So: on my way home during an urban transport stop before the crossing I saw a girl walking near the windows of expensive boutique. How do I know this boutique is expensive?! Because even I have never dared to call at this shop. The girl was dressed modestly and kept in the hands a cheap package probably with some foodstuff and slim mannequins looked down on the girl from windows (I felt sorry once again that I was not the owner of the photo camera). By the way, even one dummy costs twice as mush as the girl can earn in a month.

What is the point?  There is no essence, there is a division of society into the rich and the poor, and the line of distinction appears brighter and brighter, erasing a middle class so these kinds of people continue to live near each other but as though in different dimensions.

That’s what we have.


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