little confession..

It’s time to get one thing off my chest: when I was a child I dreamed of becoming an actress. And I knew why, I wanted to live other lives. My childhood was wonderful; it just seemed to be much more interesting on the other side of the screen. I can’t forget it because of my love for cinema and a few wrinkles on the forehead, which I often see in the mirror. I’ll tell you how I got them. Does everyone remember the Bond? Aha! I was in love with those wrinkles on the Sean Connery’s face. So I spent much time in front of a mirror, practicing his own look.

With the look, actually, everything has turned. But I didn’t take into account many important things for the profession I dreamed about. And I know that I can’t suddenly come to love my least favorite thing, I can’t play for nothing with the feelings, I can’t confide in a stranger on demand and I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not in reality. 

But I always cry, feeling the others’ pain… I laugh when I want to… I scream when my feelings are ready to explode… I keep silent when the heart is aching…

If you know where such an actress is needed, let me know!



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