I can’t draw..

When I receive notification of a new subscriber, I feel some responsibility and I can’t afford to be silent for a long time. So, I’ll tell what postponed my sleep a little bit yesterday…

Prehistory. I don’t like my job, but I can cope with it well, therefore, I continue to fulfill it. Everyone needs some interest that helps to distract his mind in such a situation. In search of a new hobby I came across drawing courses.

What happened next? I haven’t signed up for the courses yet. I just understood that I can’t draw. But! But I remembered the elementary school and the teacher of drawing. After that the memory that I liked to draw came. I was often praised until our class get a new girl, whose drawings were better than mine, because the teacher stopped to praise me.

Result. I realized how my classmates felt at the time when I was happy about new praise and I was embarrassed for having rejoiced in my superiority. And no, I didn’t try harder to earn new praise and return the favour of my teacher.

Why am I writing about this?  I don’t know. Most likely, I took the wrong  solution or I didn’t draw a correct conclusion. But I know that not everyone can be a leader as well as not everyone have to be.

P.S. Drawing courses still are on the agenda.



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