good things..

simpleThis post was intended to be a summing up of  some results, but somehow it turned into a list of  things that I love:
 I love the sun.. I love the rain..
I love when snow is falling on my face..
I like to read and I like the fog..
I like to dream at night and fall asleep in silence..
I like when my dog ​​looks at me while I’m delving into a flowerbed and its tail is beating on my back..
I like to drink white wine with sushi and that bench under a chestnut tree in the nearest park..
I like unpopular grey color and to be wrapped in a warm blanket..
I like when all windows are open in summer and when my father is calling..
I basically like to sleep but this is not one of the popular things, I know..
I love my mother’s laugh and smile, watching my friends..
I love tears (you know, sometimes they are warm and everything is easily after them)..
I love good movies and air balloons (nothing new for whose who know me)..
I like pencils and notebooks (I’m already 29, and people say I should love other things)..
I like the frost on the branches and grandmother’s tales about my childhood..
I love tea and chocolate cakes, also coffee with cream, but only lately..
I love when my goddaughter smiles (sometimes, by mistake, she calls me mom – it’s so cute)..
I like when I’m needed, but I’m not the only one..
I like the dew on the flowers and the smell on my mother’s kitchen..
I like when the sky is reflected in the puddles and the crunch of pickles..
I like how the water runs over my skin and to hold a new book in my hands..
I like fairy tales and when a lot of kids play in the sandbox..
I like to look at the stars and how snowflakes are sparkling in the light of a lantern..
I love music and I like to dance, but if no one is watching me..
I like the greenery of the forest and to bask in the sun..
I like the fallen yellow leaves and cherry jam..
I like to pick strawberries and make tea for dad..
I like beautiful dresses and when my hair pulled back into a ponytail..
I like simple things and I want to begin this year with them..

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