A thought was clear when my head rested on the pillow last night, and the sentences were formed without difficulties. I hoped that there won’t be any problems with the transfer of that idea into the paper in the morning.

And now all I remember – is the individual words and phrases, and I had to strain some forces for writing this text.

A plenty of unpleasant moments overload my memory at this moment. I want to speak out, but it’s hard to begin.

The truth is that disappointments and betrayals are accompanying us all our life. The process of overcoming disappointment people have the habit to call – maturing. It is assumed that we have to draw conclusions and learn from our own mistakes, to prevent any repetition of a similar situation in the future.

I don’t know how about others, but this formula doesn’t work for me.

I read somewhere that there is a material that can be crushed and made in any shape, but after a while it returns to its previous state. That’s how I feel. All the experience and every received blow deformed me and my mind, but only for a while.

I know that I’m not a quick learner, who is unable to learn from the past and condemned to repeat it. I prefer to look at this world in the same way as I always do, with eyes wide open, in expectation, that in my life will be people who never have a desire to knock out my, opened for them, soul.


And every time I write I doubt that thought is filed correctly, but I can’t leave this inside of my head, so it’s fine…


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