So what can I tell about myself?!

I’m 30 and I still believe in miracle, I like air balloons and soap bubbles.. also I dream about changing the world for better.. I love my parents and my friends very much.. even more than they can imagine..

P.S. I just want that everyone thought not only about himself!



  1. I see that you pay attention to things that people take it as granted. It bothers you when things are not right and instead of just becoming a by-stander you raise your voice. It’s a quality that makes you a great person. You have some very optimistic dreams which may not be feasible by the realistic world in near future. I admire your courage to still express them using the blogging medium. I always believe in dreaming big but you just can’t afford to just stop there and have to strive hard to achieve them. Keep your efforts up and I am sure one day your voice will be joined with hundreds and thousands of other voices to bring the change that you think will make the world better. All my best wishes.

  2. I keep hearing about the shelling in Donetsk. I hope that you are OK. It must be so scary to live in constant fear for your life. I don’t know how you can sleep at night. You are in my thoughts.
    Stay safe.

    1. Yes, I know how the shelling sounds now. And all of us have big problems with any type of sleep because of terrible sounds outside the window. I’m tired to be always in stress. I’m afraid about my future, and I don’t believe that everything will be ok anymore. So I can’t tell that I’m OK, but I really thank you for your support.

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