new acquisition…

I was absent for a while. Maybe it was because of depression (looks like this is my permanent condition) or simply because of searching for the thing I would like to tell the world about, not in secret, but loudly..

my hand, Enki Bilal “The dormant beast” and the blanket

Enki Bilal “The dormant beast” – is that thing thanks to which I feel something akin to happiness. This thing made me nervous and chase after it, but I just felt sure that I must to own it. There is a rule for the things I would like to own: “only goal can stop an arrow”.

All the rest is more complicated…

But I won’t be distracted, however this post is about the pleasant acquisition.

So. A low bow and loud applause to creator for each page of this masterpiece!

Enki Bilal now joins my list of heroes. Yes! 🙂



I think I bought this book in 2002. I’m not sure, maybe earlier or maybe later.. but I’m glad that I found it after a long search. It was the first purchase I made on my own earnings and the first book in my own library. I’m glad that I read it before the huge boom when the shelves in bookstores were filled with a variety of editions of this exciting production. These thoughts allow me to be proud of my taste.

This work of literature tells us how a man with a huge “I” inside, egoist and company keeper, is trying to resist unpleasant principles, showing оn his way more care and more attention to misplaced people than those who were called to help them.

I admit that it’s not the best production in the world and probably not the best one in my collection, but this work by Ken Kesey is the first one, which explains that an ordinary man can be worthy of love and respect.


I read. Obsession with reading books came back to me, but this time it is pointed at short stories of fantastic, detective contents and not only. Agatha Christie. Robert Sheckley. Mark Twain. Alberto Moravia. These writers with a capital letter, who were with me last warm month. In the first place I would like to mention «Letter from the recording angel» by Mark Twain – because I love sarcasm! Agatha Christie – is the best workout for my mind. «A Thief in Time» by Robert Sheckley – tries to convince that the impossible can be possible. «A girl from Ciociaria» by Alberto Moravia – recounts of quite different people and the benefit of literacy!

P.S. and at the same time a list of drawbacks I want to get rid of isn’t growing down.