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a wrong puzzle..

Do you ever want your life was like a good movie?!

As if you start to watch it (I mean movie) without great interest, but the beginning seems to be, don’t know, encouraging, then you find that actors are very kind and everything is evolving, let’s say, briskly enough, but later there comes a time when you notice that nothing is happening and you feel bored, but you still feel drawn to the characters in that movie and your desire to know how it ends hasn’t gone anywhere. Then former boredom goes away, as if there had been no mention of it, and you start to applaud mentally to the screenwriter and wipe away your own tears sometimes. So you are overwhelmed with happiness when the end credits come and you are almost sure that better movie has not been made yet.

Now my life is at the stage when you feel like you are a small detail from a big puzzle looking for a place to fit perfectly but… but the truth is that it’s a wrong puzzle…

Oh wait, this wasn’t in the list…


don’t break these guys, please!..

I always wonder that inspiration, strong enough to bring me to take a pen into my hand, can come from unexpected side suddenly and lie in wait in themes I never know I want to write about.

For example, I never thought I want to write a few kind words in support of teenage boy’s band.

But let me start from the very beginning.

Sometimes I go to the food market during the lunch break and very often I meet aged lady on my way at the same place, almost at the same time. At first, I just passed by, then I began to greet her and later we started to speak briefly. That was overcast and ordinary working day. I have to admit I go to my work without pleasure. I won’t go into this matter further, I just want to make it clear that I was, let’s say, in a grey mood. In short, I had nothing to say to her and I just smiled.

She smiled and asked me: “Why do you smile?”
I said: “I smile for you!”
She smiled again and said: “Like the sun?”

My smile grew wider, and I realized that her phrase has changed my day, because an ordinary day turned to a wonderful day. And I don’t even know her name.

So, I wanted to do something good. I wanted to do something good without any reason.

It happened that after the signing of the petitions on Urgency network and Care2 websites, I came across the information that the young boy’s band “One Direction” was booed while receiving the award at VMA. I know this information is completely different in content but I was curious, because when I was a schoolgirl, I was somewhat a fan of bands like Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC. So I listened to a few songs and now I can say this genre of music isn’t that I prefer. But!..

But I couldn’t figure out the reason why they had to be so humiliated.

Moreover I watched a few video where the guys visit Ghana with a charity mission. Honestly, I doubt my mind could cope with such a heavy burden at their age. And though their bodies are entirely dotted with tattoos, because of this charity mission I have a hope that they have the qualities to go through thick and thin with dignity.

Guys from One Direction visit GhanaBy the way, if you feel that you became hardened or forgot when you use your own humanity, that video will be a great and useful training.

I want to repeat I haven’t found any reason to hate these individual guys. On the contrary, it seems or rather I feel like these guys radiate the warm naive goodness. In such moments I don’t want them to grow up. When we mature, we learn to hide our tears when we are sad, we have to hide our own naivety and goodness, because for adult it’s like a visiting card of a weakling in the modern world. But it is precisely due to these things we are still able to find the beauty in the grey days and we shouldn’t be ashamed of our tears, because there are enough reasons for them.

So that’s why I wrote all of this: People do not let hatred come into your soul and do not break these guys, please!

P.S. I’ve always said that I believe in the word and I think so now. I know a good word can go a long way; there should always be a place and time for it.

people continue to amaze me or #ROWW..

On February, 23 in Russia and in some parts of Ukraine was celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is also called the Day of the Real Men! Actually, this holiday sorted my thoughts in such a way that this post appeared. I want to talk about one worthy representative of the real men category being full of enthusiasm for some human actions. At first, I promise to tell a fun history, but only on condition that no one will laugh!

OK, let assume that we’ve agreed! One morning, still lying in the warm bed, I was very surprised, realizing what I dreamed about. But the dreams themselves are a rare pleasure in my case. So my dream was clear and pleasant, I dreamed about an island, wooden deck chairs with white pillows under palm trees, also nice people, hot sun, blue ocean and.. and Paul, damn, Walker. I was very surprised at a fact of his presence in my dream because I am neither a fan of him nor a fan of the Fast and the Furious film. However, I decided to find some news about this actor. My surprise grew even more by the fact that on the day when my interest appeared was  Paul Walker’s charity formation the second anniversary. Of course I couldn’t pass by this story!

This post was conceived as serious and important, despite rather hilarious intro, because in my country the news about charity spread badly, but at the same time we have too much information about the luxurious life. And I want to tell you that life here for the average person, who wasn’t born with a golden spoon in the mouth, isn’t a sugar, so very few people are concerned about the troubles beyond Ukraine.

But people continue to amaze me. So, I was amazed that a man with some financial possibility isn’t just talking about the good deeds but he performs them. I know now that the main purpose of a small team (REACH OUT Worldwide) is to be on the scene as soon as possible and to help.

This team has managed to help after such disasters as tsunami in Indonesia, earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and also tornado in Alabama. Impressive service record, isn’t it? By the way, I’m sure they were on the scene, when I just read the news, rubbing my eyes.

If it was a speech aloud then I could stop for a while so that everyone would have possibility to applaud.

I’m not a doctor or a nurse, I have no idea what to do in emergencies and I don’t know how to provide first aid. But I’m not a coward! I’m not confused by the poor conditions or a lack of makeup on my face, and to help for those who are in need has never been a stupid pastime for me. Probably somewhere I made a wrong turn in the path of my life. Now I hope to assist at least by a word, but what can happen tomorrow or the day after… Who knows?

This young organization exactly needs to replenish its ranks! Also, everyone can make donations or help ROWW by purchasing great items!

P.S. I really hope that the planets will line up correctly or the heavens will be gracious, and my words will be a link between those who want and those who are able to help and those who need help.

in expectation..

I didn’t know how to describe my feelings when I saw this photo for the first time. And it seems to be impossible to describe them correctly.  So I just say that I always had heightened sensibility to others’ pain, so now I worry about this poor animal.  

And I would like to write about good things around me but I can’t ignore the things like this. Because we shouldn’t pass by! Someone should feel upset!