my little dream..

Sometimes people say that the efforts of one small person never change anything. Very often people say that it is stupid to believe in better things when you are 27 years old. Sometimes.. People say..

But I still have a dream about the world WHERE..

.. it will be safe to bring up children..

.. every word will be heard by heart..

.. will be no need to escape from reality..

.. people give smiles and there is no place for betrayal, there is the clear sky and everyone knows how to forgive..

.. we can win the fight with our drawbacks..

..there is the odour of the ripe apples and understanding, there is the odour of the good mood and the rain, there is the odour of the grandmother’s pies and the care, there is the odour of the cinnamon and happiness..

.. love can really change everything because there are more feelings and less talks..

.. expectation of something better is not harmful to health..

.. there is no need for World Wildlife Fund, because animals aren’t there in danger..

.. egoism is punishable by law..

.. the beauty of phrases comes with spiritual riches and sensuality..

.. nobody stops wishing..

.. the light is radiating from the hearts, smiles are sparkling with kindness and the beauty of the soul is truly reflecting in eyes..

.. there are infinitely many air-balloons and even more the romantics..

.. family values are carefully kept and hate is inadmissible..

.. there is only sound sleep and just happy childhood..

.. people are able to do crazy but good things, people look at the stars and know about sincerity..

.. there is only good news and nobody wants to hide from the rain..

.. people believe in themselves and nobody wants to cry..

.. inspiration can not be scared away since there are fields and vineyards around and then other fields and some green forests far away..

.. people live not staining the proud name of “human” and everyone cares about others..

.. “friendship” is not just a word in the old grammar dictionary in the forgotten library on the edge of town..

.. everyone is sure of good intentions of his neighbour and truly embraces..

.. education does not take the last place in the ratings of popularity..

.. there are the beautiful music and the right movie..

.. it is more interesting to live than to dream..

.. there are no bitter memories and belated remorse, there are no broken fantasies and illusions never crash down..

.. people prefer Bram Stoker to Stephenie Meyer..

.. there are no problems with the trust, there are people of high morals and everyone feels relieved..

.. every child is desirable..

This list is not complete and it can be continued since the world where we live needs our help…


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