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illogical post..

Iscariot by Boyd Holbrook

Before I begin, I have to warn you that most likely this post may seem illogical.

It is amazing how things can call up old memories. Even completely unrelated things can affect the right thread of your mind, and you suddenly find yourself in a totally different time.

That happened with me when I saw installation “Iscariot” by Boyd Holbrook.

When I saw the things that are shown in the photo I thought about peace at first. I thought that it is possible to accept your own fate obediently. And after this I went back to the past, when one woman I knew said that my sister is smart and will definitely do a good career but happy marriage falls to my lot.

Honestly, I almost heard that I was called a fool. I was indignant at that, of course. I felt indignation inside of me so I made an effort to get out of the place that didn’t promise a good future for me and I moved to a more pleasant place, as it seemed at that moment, to prove that I can really do something too.

I won’t pursue further how my situation is getting on now, but success in career doesn’t give the pleasure which I expected.

I consider as main idea, after all seeing and deliberated, the following: what if we could meekly accept our own fate, so to speak, abandon all attempts to escape from cuddle of life and, without doubts, trust the Powers of High, so we can feel peace comparable to taking a bath full of soap bubbles?

I can’t imagine how far or close I’m to the plan of the author… And by the way, I warned you that this post will probably be illogical.


new acquisition…

I was absent for a while. Maybe it was because of depression (looks like this is my permanent condition) or simply because of searching for the thing I would like to tell the world about, not in secret, but loudly..

my hand, Enki Bilal “The dormant beast” and the blanket

Enki Bilal “The dormant beast” – is that thing thanks to which I feel something akin to happiness. This thing made me nervous and chase after it, but I just felt sure that I must to own it. There is a rule for the things I would like to own: “only goal can stop an arrow”.

All the rest is more complicated…

But I won’t be distracted, however this post is about the pleasant acquisition.

So. A low bow and loud applause to creator for each page of this masterpiece!

Enki Bilal now joins my list of heroes. Yes! 🙂

art by #banksy…

It’s not just a street-art.. It’s not just a race for epatage and glam.. It’s not just a stylish brand.. It’s even not just an expensive stylish piece of modern interior.. It’s something more, something great and something exciting, opening the eyes, catching the vices and pointing to drawbacks of the society.. I think it’s a challenge..

Maybe my naïvety is the reason why I believe that Banksy is the fighter for revival of moral principles and he is a hero of my time who seeks to attract attention to the things, the change of which could lead to a more comfortable life on the earth. But in the world where people have more fears than forces to fight some people try to convince others that Banksy is a big bully and troublemaker.. but now I have one little question: whose peace does he break? If one of those who have forgotten how to live on the earth as human beings, I can accept this situation!

P.S. give him my low bow and kind regards! My heart is overflowed with joy because of the fact that I can appreciate his work, which I hope to find someday on the streets of my city!