in summer I trust..

29 of July 2011 I was 28 and lots of work at the beginning of the month prevents me from telling about that. Now I just want to be happy and this warm season is a receptacle of hopes and simple desires for me.

About desires. If I had to minimize the amount of desire to 3, then they would be such: 1. true love; 2. a huge library of my own; 3. a happy childhood for every child.

I’m trying to draw some conclusions in today’s gloomy day and I hope they will help me to make some promises to myself.

About findings. I love literature and I believe in the word; Che Guevara is a hero of mine, and I can be proud only of number of the books I read; in most cases I make the wrong choice and I think humanity is a very painful ulcer on the body of the most beautiful of all the planets; sometimes, I dream about love and I’m learning to sleep with the open window; I am disappointed with my intuition and I lead the struggle with my doubts, fears and anxious thoughts; everything is too difficult for me and the phrase “everything will be fine” isn’t for me ..

About promises. It’s harder, I guess I’ll never be able to accept myself as I actually am. Course remains the same, because the way of development and improvement has always been right for me.

P.S. let happen what has to happen.



12.12.10. Kiev. 30 seconds to Mars. Golden Ticket. I’m SO FUCKIN HAPPY!

Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon !Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon! Soon!.. 🙂