words for a special person..

Today is my friend’s Marina birthday. And these words for her.

Happy Bday, my friend! 

I wish you a river of flowers, in which you could swim without getting tired…

I wish you have own cottage near a lake of warmth…

I wish you a sea of love and a huge yacht…

I wish you true friends around the world and the aircraft…

But most of all I wish you happiness without end and bottom…

..And I wish there won’t be shoes in the whole world that you couldn’t afford to buy! 😉


best wishes or happy Bday, my friend!

Today is my friend’s Kostya birthday. I met him at a movie theater more than five years ago. We worked together. He had a day off on the first day of my evaluation period, but on the second day both of us were sent to beautify area near the movie theater. My presence was a surprise for him as for me was a big surprise the fact that I was in charge of mowing the lawn and remove dandelions by any means. After a couple of phrases he pulled out his phone and said: “so Julka, give me your phone number!”.

We’re still friends. It’s better to say that we maintain relations. I remember a character in a string, the meaning of which I haven’t managed to find out, the hijacking of kvas tank at dawn, the battle for the fantail, found in the room, mopping and dancing with a mop, hookah smoking during working hours outside the movie theater, eating hot dogs in the hall, an endless number of views of “Mission Impossible 3″…

But another memory remains to be the main. In one of my working shifts, I don’t remember how I found myself in a company of guys working with me, new guards, bartenders, ushers. We were discussing something, violently and laughing, when our administrator caught us for not working and said: 

“Oh, Julia gathered all the guys near her!”

I replied: “Well, not all, everyone can’t like me.”

and Kostya said: “Show me!”

I: “What?”

Kostya: “That alien who doesn’t like you!”

I was very surprised and I’d probably blush if my skin was prone to this. I didn’t answer anything then, but now I tell you, my friend, thank you, because it’s the best compliment I’ve ever heard.

We see each other rarely now. I don’t know how you live, what happens to you and about you. But I know exactly what I would like to wish you. Let life allow you to be who you want to be!

P.S. Create and enjoy the created things! 🙂

just one night..

All I want is to do nothing and to fall asleep every night. At least I don’t want to remember unpleasant events of my past for just one night.

P.S. I wish to have easy way of life and I wish my posts were full of kindness and happiness.. but it seems that my happiness is sleeping! I want to wake it up but I don’t know how!

if we could..

If we could just snap our fingers..

..and everyone who realizes his own mistake will have the right to a second chance..

If we could just snap our fingers..

..and everyone who deeply repents of his own sins can be forgiven..

If we could just snap our fingers..

..and every kind person can get true happiness as a reward..

If we could just snap our fingers..

..and everyone who is guilty in the troubles of others will get conscience and good heart as a punishment to look at the past with the pain in his chest..

If we could just snap our fingers..

Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m fine today! The year before was not sparing of gifts and some activity! The hope in better things flames up with greater force! I realize that meaning of life will not be opened to me. But I still have more questions and I will never stop to ask.

I wish everybody and everyone true happiness and exciting mood..  forever! 🙂